We are a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of bathroom furniture. We interpret design as a specific solution to every need, and undertake each project since its inception as unique and tailored to each space. We work closely with customers, because we believe that involvement and the fact of sharing ideas are the means to improve our competitiveness, and we foster participation and collaboration between individuals and companies in order to offer the market the best solution. We collaborate with architects and interior designers to approach each project from its conceptualization, thereby offering the best end result.


Sustainability is the keystone of all our activities, which influences the interaction with all of our surroundings. At BUTO we have always paid special attention to the protection of the environment and habitat conservation. The design of environmental-friendly products, services and solutions are part of our work, and are integrated into the value chain of the company, wherever we carry out our activity.
Our objective is the optimization of our environmental management systems so that they enable us to reduce as much as possible impact to the environment. Therefore, day after day we work with the purpose of minimizing the consumption of raw materials, the amount of waste and effluents in our offices and production centers.
BUTO complies with the main international standards and certifications for the respect and care for the environment on its products. This is the best guarantee that allows us to offer sustainable, enduring furniture resulting from a respectful manufacturing process throughout the entire lifetime of the product.
Nowadays, and within the global situation of the planet, it is important to perform an industrial activity in a sustainable manner, combining the organization’s growth with respect for the environment and people’s health.
BUTO aims to be a leading company in regards to design, quality and service, under a straightforward management, with minimum bureaucracy and, above all, encouraging human and social relations, and the care and protection of the environment.


BUTO products have a 2-year warranty for material and manufacturing process defects, starting at the date stated in the invoice. For special productions requested by customers, whether modifications or new models, the warranty will likewise span 2 years.

This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from accident, freight damage, misuse, negligence, abuse, or normal wear and tear. Correct product specification for a particular application is the responsibility of the Purchaser. This constitutes the entire warranty and is in place of and in lieu of all other warranties of every kind whether implied or expressed, including, but not limited to, the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or warranty of merchantability.

The repair, replacement, or prorated rebate of the full purchase price constitutes the full liability of BUTO and is the sale remedy of the Buyer. BUTO assumes no liability for commercial loss or any consequential damages that may arise as a result of any product defect, fault, or delay. It is understood that these limitations of remedy and liability are part of the terms and conditions of the purchase of BUTO products, and by placing an order the Buyer accepts these terms, conditions, and limitations.


High quality materials and craftsmanship are fundamental values for BUTO.

Wood, glass and metal, among others, enable us to convey a timeless feeling of warmth and beauty in products that are designed and manufactured to endure the passage of time both at homes and other settings and locations.

The manufacturing process includes both manual craftsmanship and high-tech processes, guaranteeing a flawless result every time in the best tradition of Spanish production.


In turbulent times of global social unrest, the line between freedom and control is put to the test. Pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes, we question what has gone on before and rethink how things might be done for a better future. We observe a new revolutionary spirit evolving, but one that is good-natured, full of optimism and humour. Visually, a fresh contemporary classicism emerges in the art and design world, where freedom of expression is encouraged. Defining the equilibrium between fun and serious, cultures are brought together to readdress the balance and reach new audiences.

Bathinking is born as a blog | magazine where proposals related with the bathroom setting and beyond will be expressed and discussed…